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At Dental Savers, we offer numerous options to help improve the quality of your smile. But most of these options will require a firm commitment from you. These dental solutions may require you to invest time, effort and money. But for those who are not yet willing to make that commitment, there’s Snap-on Smile.

What Is Snap-On Smile?

A smile worthy of a Hollywood celebrity can be a very expensive proposition, and it will take a certain amount of time to complete the makeover. Snap-on Smile was the result of an extensive research and development, when the dentist who designed it realized that not everyone can afford most cosmetic dental procedures.

The Snap-on Smile is a device that you can basically “snap” to the front of your teeth. It’s really that simple, just as you would wear a cap to cover your head. With the Snap-on Smile, you wear it to cover any imperfection you may have on your teeth. In fact, even if your teeth look normal you can still wear a Snap-on Smile to make your smile look even better.

The device is made from an advanced and specially-designed resin. The unique formula of this resin allows it to be extremely thin, and yet it’s also incredibly strong. It simply fits right over your front teeth to give you the best smile you can show to the world.

Benefits of the Snap-on Smile

When you wear your Snap-On Smile, all the imperfections of your teeth are covered up. Gaps between adjacent teeth disappear, stained teeth look white and pristine, crooked teeth seem straight, and even missing teeth are covered up. Any chips and imperfections in the shape of your teeth are also hidden, and the world only sees perfectly shaped teeth in their proper places. You can even eat and drink while wearing it.

This option is suitable for you if you’re not yet ready for a more permanent solution for your teeth’s imperfections. It’s also ideal for those who are not suitable candidates for dental implants or bridges. And if you’re wearing partial dentures and you want a replacement that’s more comfortable and also more attractive then you can opt for Snap on Smile instead.

With the Snap on Smile, you get a quick and easy solution that’s absolutely affordable. You can have a beautiful smile in just a snap!

What to Expect

When you visit our dental clinic in Mayfair, Philadelphia, we are always ready for your smile improvement needs. We’ll give you several options, and we will determine together what kind of style and shade to get for your Snap-On Smile. We will then take an accurate measurement of your teeth and mouth, before we create your device.
When you come back after a few weeks, your custom Snap-On Smile will be ready. You’ll get a final fitting, and you will leave with your newly improved smile in place.

There’s no drilling, no shots, and your teeth won’t have to be prepared in any way. It’s one of the most affordable options for improving your teeth and your smile. The cost benefit alone already gives you a good reason to smile!

If you’re interested in improving the quality of your smile in a way that’s quick, painless, and affordable, give us a call at (215) 792-3055. We can check if you can benefit from the Snap-On Smile so that you will gain the confidence you need to smile without feeling self conscious. At Dental Savers, we recognize the value of a great smile, and we have the technology to make sure you are able to do so without a care in the world.

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