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For some patients, regular dentures are simply not the best option to replace lost teeth. Dentures tend to wobble and slip over time. In some cases, people have stopped wearing their dentures because they found it too uncomfortable. But at Dental Savers, we offer denture stabilization to address all these issues.

What is Denture Stabilization?

At our dental clinic in Mayfair, Philadelphia, we stabilize your dentures by putting small dental implants through your gums and into your jaw. Then we will modify the dentures so that they can then snap on securely to the implants.

The implants we use aren’t regular-sized implants for several important reasons. One is that often our patients don’t have enough jawbone material to support the use of regular dental implants. The smaller implants can also be installed via a less invasive procedure, and the healing time required is much shorter. Another key advantage of smaller implants is that they are more affordable.

The primary reason we use dental stabilization is so that you’ll become more comfortable wearing your dentures. Uncomfortable dentures are dangerous when you become tempted to just take them out entirely.

The process of stabilizing your dentures doesn’t take a lot of time. The various dental implants we use are very small, so it doesn’t take long for them to fuse with the jawbone. We can then modify the dentures to snap on to the dental implants, or create new dentures to attach to them. These become so stable that in some cases there’s no need for a fake palate to cover the roof of the mouth.

When you visit our clinic and request for our dental stabilization service, the entire process typically won’t take more than two hours. We will make sure that your jaw is properly aligned and that your bite is comfortable. Afterwards, you’ll notice all the benefits of the more secure and more improved fit.

With dentures secured by dental implants, you’ll feel more comfortable when you wear them, so you won’t ever be tempted to stop using them altogether. You’ll be more at ease when you speak during social interactions or when you’re at work. You’ll never have to be afraid that your dentures will slip or dislodge when you sneeze or cough.

Eating will also become much easier and more comfortable, as your dentures won’t slip and rub against your gums when you chew. When it’s time to clean your dentures, all you’ll need to do is remove them with an upward pressure at the front of the dentures.

If you’re wearing dentures now and you’re not entire comfortable with them, give us a call at (215) 792-3055. We can discuss our denture stabilization service so that your dentures become more comfortable and more useful. At Dental Savers, we make sure that our patients get the best possible solutions for their missing teeth.

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