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Bruxism is the medical term dentists use to refer to the forceful grinding and clenching of the teeth. While this can happen when you’re anxious or stressed, in most cases it occurs when you’re asleep. When you have this habit of grinding your teeth continuously during the night, you will eventually cause damage to your teeth. To prevent this from taking place, you can wear night guards.

How to Know if You Grind Your Teeth When You Sleep

If you share a room with someone, they can tell you if you grind your teeth during the night. Other people can hear the grinding, especially when it’s late at night and there are no noises to drown the sound you’re making.

But there are some signs you can watch out for that may indicate that you’re grinding your teeth. Your teeth may have fractures, or some of your teeth have loosened or become painful. This is sometimes accompanied by a sore jaw and dull headaches.

Why Choose Dental Savers For Night Guards?

You can buy a night guard over the counter to counter your unhealthy habit, but we strongly advise against it. Commercial night guards can be very uncomfortable because they don’t fit you perfectly, so you may end up not using your night guard regularly or you will have trouble with your sleep. Sometimes the kind you bought doesn’t even work all that well, as it can come out during the night. Over-the-counter night guards are often rather unattractive too, and if you sleep with someone then it’s not an appealing sight when they see you use it.

But when you come to our clinic in Mayfair, Philadelphia, we can make sure that your night guard will fit you perfectly. The first thing we will do is to check the state of your teeth to find out if you’re indeed grinding your teeth at night. We can even discover the pattern of your grinding, so that we will know which teeth are affected. That means we can make a full night guard for all your teeth, or just a smaller night guard to cover your front teeth.

We will make an impression of your mouth so that we can make a comfortable night guard that fits and stays in place during the night. The material we use is strong enough to resist tearing, and we can even make it look attractive.

The Consequences of Not Wearing a Night Guard

When you allow your teeth grinding to persist without using a night guard, you risk your health. This habit can cause terrible migraines and body pains.

It will also damage your teeth. Your teeth will become worn down and become sensitive to hot and cold food. Your teeth may crack and you can even experience a toothache. Your gums will recede, and eventually you will lose your teeth.

So if you notice signs of teeth grinding call us at (215) 792-3055. Our dentists here at Dental Savers can fix any damage your grinding has caused to your teeth, and fit you with a custom night guard to prevent any further damage.


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