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At Dental Savers, we’re not just concerned about fixing any damage to the teeth. We also encourage all our patients to practice safe oral habits to safeguard their teeth. And for those who play sports, we also strongly recommend the use of dental mouth guards.

What is a Dental Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a piece of equipment worn by athletes, especially those who engage in contact sports and thrilling activities that come with the risk of falls. Those who play basketball, football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and boxing use mouth guards. Its use is mandatory for many organized sports, and it is also recommended for just about any activity that risks injury to the mouth.

A mouth guard is worn over the teeth, and it essentially works as a shock absorber so that your teeth and jaw are protected from hard impact. But to get the maximum protection, you need to get a dental mouth guard.

Getting a Mouth Guard

When you visit our dental clinic in Mayfair, Philadelphia for a mouth guard, we will first take every consideration into account. We will measure the size of your mouth and the alignment of your bite. We will also factor in the kind of sport you participate in.

We will then create a mold of your teeth and mouth, so that we can create a mouthguard that fits comfortably in your mouth while it also provides maximum protection for your teeth and jaw.

Our dental mouth guards are very durable so that it resists tearing, and the material we use makes the mouth guard very easy to clean. When we make a mouth guard customized for your needs, we will make absolutely sure that you can breathe properly when you wear it. You also be able to talk while you’re wearing it, so that you can communicate with your teammates when you set your plays and formations.

In most cases, our patients prefer a transparent mouthguard so that it is not very noticeable. But we can also accommodate your color preferences. Some of our younger patients are so dedicated to their team that their mouth guards are color-coordinated with their uniforms!

Once you have your fitted mouth guard, we can then give you precise instructions so that you can use it properly and so that it will last you for a very long time. If the conditions in your mouth change, we can adjust the mouth guard or make a new one.

Advising Against Commercial Mouth Guards

Here at Dental Savers, we strongly urge all our patients never to use commercial mouth guards. Not even the best commercial product can compare to the comfort and effectiveness of customized mouth guards. Many of these commercial mouth guards don’t fit well at all. They’re very bulky, and they tend to prevent you from speaking clearly. They can impede with your breathing, and some don’t even offer any kind of protection at all for your teeth and mouth.

If you engage in any strenuous activity that risks injury to your mouth, call us right away at (215) 792-3055. We can then make sure you have the best mouth guard you can get. A mouth guard is a wise investment, as injuries to your mouth and teeth can incur greater expenses, and these injuries can even prevent you from playing for a very long time.

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