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We at Dental Savers always do our best in helping our patients with the anxiety they feel as they wait for their dental procedure. We decorate the waiting room, the clinic, and the offices in our Mayfair, Philadelphia clinic to help our patients relax. We play soothing music and we make sure that we use anesthesia properly so that our patients won’t feel any pain. But we recognize that some of our patients still need additional help in overcoming their fear, and that’s why we also offer Sedation Therapy.

The Goal of Sedation Dentistry

Some people seem to think that sedation is another way to alleviate pain. But strictly speaking, this is not its main function. For pain, we administer anesthesia.

Sedation, on the other hand, is given to help you relax. If you’re overly afraid, it will help you overcome that fear. Your fears and anxiety will go away during the dental procedure and you won’t have any worries at all. Even if you have a severe phobia of dentists, you will feel fine. Nothing will bother you—not the menacing sound of the drill, not the frightening look of your dentist wearing a mask, not the overly bright lights overhead, and not even the sight of a huge needle.

In most cases, you’ll also be awake. Many of our procedures require your input, so we can ask you questions and give you instructions during the procedure. You’ll be fully conscious of what’s going on, and you can give answers to the questions we ask. We may also ask you to raise your head or spit or turn to one side. This is the advantage of conscious sedation, unlike deep sedation which puts you to sleep.

Sedation Options

There are several ways though which we can administer sedation. In some cases we can just give you a pill. We usually give dosage based on the time needed to complete the dental procedures you need. However, we prefer that you have someone with you to drive you home. Sedation therapy prevents you from driving or commuting home all by yourself until the sedative wears off.

If you’re alone and you need to drive yourself home, we can also opt for nitrous oxide, which is more popularly known as “laughing gas”. This provides minimal sedation, during which you’re awake and yet relaxed. We can easily control the amount you get, and the effects generally wear off quickly so that you can drive yourself home soon afterwards.

For moderate sedation, the sedative may be given intravenously. You’ll feel the effects more quickly, and our dentist can continually adjust the level of sedation.

If you want to know more about our Sedation Dentistry options, call us at (215) 792-3055. We can discuss this therapy with you so that you won’t feel anxious while you get the dental procedures you need.  At Dental Savers, we prioritize your comfort as well as your oral health, because we know that your anxiety may prevent you from getting the oral care you need.  

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